2-day National park Thailand tour - Sam Phan Bok,Pha Taem,

2-day national park thailand – Ubon Ratchathani

This 2-day national park Thailand visit, is one of our most popular private tours. These 2 days of exploring, will fill your senses with impressions from around the Ubon Ratchathani province.

First day of the national park thailand tour

On our first day in this national park of thailand, located in Isaan, we start out by driving to Sam Phan Bok. Sam Phan Bok, meaning 3000 holes in Thai, has been formed due to water erosion, and you will walk around on this rocky ground before boarding our private boat. We sail on the river, taking a closer look at this amazing area.

After the boat trip, we will take our lunch at a restaurant on the river bank, overlooking Sam Phan Bok.

Pha-Taem-Ubon-Ratchathani-rock-120x120After lunch we drive towards Pha Taem national park. Just before we reach the highlight of Pha Taem, we stop at Sao Chaliang, a natural rock formation made of sea shell fossils, created more than 130 mio. years ago.

Arriving at Pha Taem we will enjoy the stunning view over Laos and the Mekong river, before we take you on a walk on the trail, and watch the cave painting done by man more than 3000 years ago.

Kaeng-Tana-national-park-thailand-tour-120x120Now we continue to the next national park, Kaeng Tana. Here we take a walk on the longest suspension bridge in Thailand, and watch the stunning sunset, right there from the bridge.

It has been a long day, and we take a short drive back to Khong Chiam and check in to our hotel on the Mekong river bank.

You can spend the night strolling around, watching the life around the river and eat at one of the restaurants right on the river bank.

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Second day of the national park thailand tour

Khong-Chiam-Ubon-Ratchathani-children-with-big-fish-180x180On the second day, after breakfast, we start out by taking an impressive boat trip. We will see the 2-colored lake, where the Mekong river and Moon river meet. We go close to the water rapids of Kaeng Tana, right under the suspension bridge, walk around a Lao island and talk to the local fishermen.

WAT-THAM-KUHA-SAWAN-national-park-thailand-tourNow we leave the national parks, and begin our journey to the amazing temples of Isaan. First one is Wat Tham Kuha Sawan, and the second is Wat Tham Heo Sin Chai.

Now it’s time for lunch, which we will have at a stunning place called Pattaya Noi. Sitting on small rafts on a dam we watch how people are enjoying themself on the water.

Our next stop will be Kaeng Sapu, a place similar to Sam Phan Bok, before we go to our last stop, Wat Phu Khao Kaew.

After 2 amazing days in national park Thailand, we arrive Ubon early evening back at your hotel.

Dont forget to bring walking shoes, sunscreen and your camera.

This amazing 2-day tour with 9 sights included, is priced according to the number of guests and your preferences for accommodation. If you choose to spend the night at a beutiful guesthouse right on the river bank, and you are 4 persons, the cost per person will be 2000 Baht, including accommodation, car, petrol and guide, but excluding food and park fees.

For a romantic stay overnight, we recommend Tohsang Khongjiam Resort

Highligts on the tour

  • Pha Taem – 3000 year old cavepaintings. Stunning views over Laos
  • Kaeng Tana – Water rapids. Thailands longest suspension bridge
  • Mekong river – World famous river, diving Thailand and Laos
  • Sam Phan Bok – Amazing rock formations
  • Khong Jiam – Where the Mekong and Moon river meets
  • Wat Tham Kuha Sawan – An amazing temple
  • Pattaya Noi – Where the Thai’s relax
  • Wat Phu Khao Kaew – Beutiful Khmer style temple and garden
  • Kaeng Sapu – Water rapids and market
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How do i book the national park tour?

This is a popular tour and if you ar travelling in the high season (winter time) we recommend to book early. For price and availability, contact Travel Isaan today!