Khao Yai national park

Khao Yai national park

Khao Yai National Park, the second largest park in Thailand, is very popular for its rich flora and fauna. The park covers an area of 2138 sq. kilometers comprising of jungles, forests and five vegetation zones. This national park is recognized as a world heritage site, as it is one of largest intact monsoon forests in Asia. Khao Yai National park sits at an altitude of 1351m and is undoubtedly one of the most popular parks across the globe. Exploring the beauty of this world heritage site requires a perfect tour plan and hiring a professional touring agency to do this job is the best choice.

Khao Yai National park is a part of Sankamphaeng mountain range, an extension of Dhong Phaya Yen Mountains of Khorat Plateau. While the majority of the park lies in Nakhon Ratchasima province, it extends into Prachinburi, Nakhon Nayok and Saraburi provinces. This national park was established on September 18, 1962 by the then Prime Minister of Thai, Marshall Sarit Thanarat and is the first nationalized park in Thailand. Before being nationalized, this place was a sub-district named Pak Ple and was an adobe for criminals and fugitives as it was far away from authorities and comprised of thick jungles

The beauty of Khao Yai National park cannot be described in words. The rich elegance of blooming orchids and the evergreen flora makes it a splendid delight to watch. Visitors during the rainy season, from June to the end of July, can enjoy the splendid magnificence of blooming orchids. As you travel upwards, you get to see beautiful environmental variations. Out of the five vegetation zones seen on Khao Yai national park, evergreen rain forests occupy 100m to 400m altitude, followed by semi-evergreen rain forest from 400m to 900m. Mixed deciduous forests can be seen from 400m to 600m and hill evergreen forest occupy 1000m and above. Savannahs can be found in places wherein cultivation was done earlier.

Khao Yai National park homes around 153 precious wild life species. There are around 250 wild elephants, Sambar deers, Gibbons, Gaurs, Malayan sun bears, including rarely found Asiatic black bears, tigers and leopards. In addition to a wider range of wild animals, several precious bird species can be seen here. The king of the bird kingdom, the great hornbill, is found in great numbers here. In addition, there are other species like Indian pied hornbill, wreathed hornbill and brown hornbill. The best time to view these rare species is between January and March, at the time of their breeding. A wide variety of vegetation and fruits are available inside the park. Mangoes and rambutans are abundantly grown here. Out of the two entrances into the Khao Yai National park, the northern entrance lies within Nakhon Ratchasima province. The southern entrance in Prachinburi province is very closer to Bangkok city which is why this park is the popular weekend for the residents of Bangkok and even Ubon Ratchathani.

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