Less than 200km from Ubon Ratchathani is Mukdahan. The city is bordering the country of Laos with the Mekong river running in between, and is one of only 4 border checkpoints connecting Thailand with Laos.

The area is mostly high plateau, with dense forest area facing west.

Mukdahan is home to several minority groups from Laos. Once every year, in January, The Thai Mukdahan Cultural Heritage festival take place. This event promotes the cultural heritage of the 8 ethnic groups in Mukdahan; the Thai I-San, Phu Thai, Thai Kha, Thai Kaso, Thai Ka Loeng, Thai Yo, Thai Saek and Thai Kula, and also promotes local handicrafts from this community.

Mukdahan-Thailand-river-daytimeThe Indochina market Mukdahan

The Indochina Market, located in the centre of the town, is a famous trading center for local produced goods like hand-woven matmee silk, the pha khao ma cloth and the Khit triangular pillow, and attracts customers from all over Isaan. The Indochina Market is also the place to go to get products produced in countries like Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and China. Prices are very low and bargaining a must.

Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge 

This bridge connects the Mukdahan province with Savannakhet in Laos. Construction of the 1600 meter long and 12 meter wide bridge started in 2004, and was ready for the public in January 2007.
In Laos cars drive to the right, so the cars exchange side on the Thai side of the bridge.

Mukdahan tower

Ho Kaeo Mukdahan is a 65 meter high observation tower build in 1996, to honor the 50th anniversary celebration of the throne to his majesty the king.

Within the tower you can get a glimpse of the cultural heritage of Mukdahan. 1st floor has an arts and culture museum, 2nd floor shows the history and culture of the 8 ethnic tribes of Mukdahan. You can see ancient artifacts, old photographs and ethnic costumes.

The 6th floor has a panorama observation deck with excellent view of Laos and the Mekong river, and the 7th floor has a silver Buddha image designated for each day of the week.

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