Ubon Ratchathani national parks - Pha Taem and Kaeng Tana

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There is a national park in Ubon Ratchathani. The home of Pha Taem and Kaeng Tana. By visiting this area you will experience stunning nature, ancient architecture, beatiful temples and the largest suspension bridge in Thailand.


Pha Taem national park

The Phataem National park covers 340 square kilometers of spectacular scenery close to Laos, divided by the Mekong river. Arriving at Pha Taem national park you will be greeted by Sao Chaling, a natural rock formation made of sea shell fossils, looking like a giant mushroom, which was actually created 130-180 mio. years ago, when the dinosaurs was still walking around. Also here you will get a stunning bird-eye view over the Mekong river and its surroundings. We continue by foot to witness the 300 prehistoric cave paintings done more than 3000 years ago, including fish traps, elephants, human hands and geometric designs.


If you travel from late september to end of december you will be able to see what the park calls the largest flower field in Thailand, and from june to november a 25 meter high waterfall. This can be chosen instead of the two temples Wat Don Tat and Wat Tham Kuu haa Sawan.

Suspension-bridgeKaeng Tana – Thailands longest suspension bridge

Kaeng Tana national park

Close to Pha Taem national park, you will find Kaeng Tana national park. Here you can cross Thailands largest suspension bridge and watch the water rapids below you. Its also possible to take a boat trip below the suspension bridge.

The suspension bridge is 450m long, and you can watch the sunset from it.

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