Phu Kradueng National Park

Phu Kradueng National Park

Thailand is a beautiful country with dense forests, bubbling beaches, world heritage sites and national parks. Phu Kradueng National park, the second largest one in Thailand, is one among those popular hotspots, offering a sheer delight for thousands of visitors all over the world, with its romantic nature, ambiguity, serenity and breath-taking ruggedness. Covered mostly with evergreen forests and tropical rain forests along 60 kilometers, Phu Kradueng national park is a home for a healthier environment. People who are interested in trekking will have a glorious time here. While this is an ultimate destination for trekking, it is very essential to hire the services of a professional travel agency so that you can experience the most out of your stay at this amazing ambiance.

Phu Kradueng, basically a sandstone mountain and completely covered by green savannas, is located at an altitude of 1316m in Amphoe Phu Kradueng of Loei province. While it got recognition in 1943 as a national protected park, Phu Kradueng national park was nationalized in the year 1959.  Kradueng means Bell in Thai and this might be one reason for naming this bell shaped park as Phu Kradueng National park.

As you enter into the park, a delightful aroma from the flora and fauna welcomes you in style. Every corner of the park displays a great amount of beauty and elegance. Amusing waterfalls enchant your day by rejuvenating your body, mind and soul. Lam Nam Phong river, in particular, offers an enticing pleasure with its bubbling waters. The top of the Phu Kradueng national park is a plain 60 kilometers area with full of savannahs. Elegantly standing thick forest with blooming orchids makes this place an ultimate choice for environmental freaks. The weather on the top of the mountain has a soothing effect on you. In winter, the temperature can fall drastically and it is important to be prepared with the environmental changes here and this is where an experienced travel agent like Travel Isaan makes your day.

The vegetation on the park is a mixed ecosystem with Hill evergreen forest, deciduous forest, pine forest and dipterocorp forest. November and December are two months which offer a delight of viewing colorful flowers of rarity. Precious animal species like Asian black bear along with sambar deer, wild elephants, gibbons and tigers are found here. Phu Kradueng national park is popular for variety of flowers like violets and slipper orchids.

The most popular point of attraction here is trekking and many young people from Bangkok and Ubon Ratchathani visit Phu Kradueng national park with their friends on every weekend. Trekking usally takes 3-6 hours. The distance from the base to the mountain top is 9 kms. While the first 5 kms is easy, the remaining 1000 meters is steeper and requires greater energy levels. There are several rest spots available on the climb, though. Phu Kradueng national park remains closed between June and September and reopens on October. It is evident that you would receive a lifetime experience at Phu Kradueng. While choosing the right travel agency can make a big difference, make no compromise and choose only the leader in Thai tours, Travel Isaan.


Author: TravelIsaan