Sam Phan Bok (3000 holes)

Sam Phan Bok (3000 holes)

Also called the grand canyon of Thailand, Sam Phan Bok is one of the most appreciated hidden wonders in the northeast part of Thailand.

Travelers from all over the world draw here to watch the unforgettable sunset and to spend a remarkable day on the fascinating rocky ground.

Sam Phan Bok (The three thousand holes) has been formed due to water erosion, and the Mekong River is the great artist who created this masterpiece. Some holes are filled with water which reflects the sky, like mirrors, some of them even bigger than a swimmingpool.

We will take a 2-hour private cruise down the river and visit interesting places, like the spot where the French soldiers back in the colonial period marked digits to gauge the water level of the Mekong river.

We will take our lunch at a floating restaurant by the Mekong river where we can sit and watch the fishermen throw their nets.

This tour is normally not available during the rainy season. Please contact us for updated information.

This destination is included in our 2-day national park tour.

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Author: TravelIsaan